Meeting # 6 Wrap Up

Genesis 31 – Jacob decides that it’s time for him and his Uncle Laban to part ways so he takes his family and all his wealth and skips town in the night.

We commented that Jacob seems to have put up with Laban’s dishonesty for a long time. We noted that Jacob, who had been so manipulative early on in his life ironically reaps the sorrow that comes from being taken advantage of himself.  This led us to wonder: How long are we supposed to put up with “bad” life situations?  How long do we sit and let people take advantage of us when God seems silent?  Are Christians supposed to be door mats?  When God seems silent do we take things into our own hands and act anyway?

I.S. Noted that she views the Bible as a book of clues and not a book of answers.  It tells us who God is, and not exactly what to do in life.

I like this comment because I think it it’s so true.  When we look for answers we get confused by the language and cultural barriers that we face.  But since God is outside of our time, and therefore timeless, He doesn’t change.  Seeking to understand how He acts and deals with us is something that transcends all the barriers that we are facing while reading the Bible.  Lots of times it feels like life is too hard, and God is too silent but reading (even just this far) we see that even when God doesn’t “act” He is not silent and not absent but very engaged.


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