Reading Schedule

We’ll be meeting on Tuesdays from 6-8pm.  If you’re interested in coming but can’t make it until 7 come anyway!  I realize that a lot of people get off work later.

Please come prepared with your questions and the things that you noticed, thought were interesting or were bothered by in the chapters for that week.  Our class format is to read each chapter together, discuss it and read the next one.  I find that pre-reading the chapters helps me notice more and prepares me for the discussion.

This is our tentative schedule for the next 3 months.  I will try to keep this updated, since it’s a rough plan that I hope to stick to.

November 8 – Exodus 36-40, discuss Leviticus, & Numbers
November 15 – Discuss Deuteronomy
November 22 – Discuss Joshua
November 29 – Discuss Judges & Ruth
November 29 – Discuss 1 Samuel, 1-15
December 6 – Discuss 1 Samuel 16-31
December 13 – Discuss 2 Samuel
December 20 & 27 Christmas Break
January 3 – 2 Discuss 1 & 2 Kings
January 10 – Discuss rest of OT
January 17 – John 1-7
January 24 – John 8-14
January 31 – John 15 – 21

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